About Us

Viral News PR is a free press release distribution company headquartered in New York City. The service allows businesses to distribute company’s important and latest media information in the market. Viral News PR has been created with a sole objective of serving the journalists community. We strongly believe in freedom of press and free speech which is why we offer PR distribution free of cost.

Everyday thousands of journalists visit our website to search for new and latest information which they in turn use for writing media headlines and viral stories. Viral News PR is changing the way PR distribution industry works by deploying artificial intelligence to deliver precisely what our readers want to read.

Journalists are always short of time therefore, for them reading thousands of press releases is not possible which is why they need an AI based engine like Viral News PR to get what they actually need and do not have to spend hours finding the right content for their story.

Each and every submission done on Viral News PR website is reviewed by its Editorial Team which is lead by seasoned industry professionals who understands the kind of quality readers want.